Rules of Play
USGA Rules of Golf govern play except as amended by the local rules.
  No starting on #10 - unless approved in Pro-Shop.
  Play limited to no more than five/ Minimum of two.
  Cart path only around tees and greens.
  Cart path only on all par 3's.
  90 degree rule.
Cart path only (Under certain weather conditions).
No slow play.
No driving in tree lines.
  Soft spikes only.
  Everyone must sign in to play.
  No Blue Jeans or T-Shirts
GROUND UNDER REPAIR: Defined by white paint.
  Paved cart paths are deemed to be ground under repair.
Drop without penalty within two club lengths of nearest point of relief which is not nearer the hole.
  LATERAL WATER HAZARDS: Defined by red stakes.
  WATER HAZARDS: Defined by yellow stakes.
  Out-of-bounds is defined by white stakes.
  If in doubt as to a correct ruling, play a provisional ball-match or stroke.
  Please repair ball marks on greens & divots in fairways.
  Please be considerate to others.
  Proper etiquette will be enforced.
  Play at a proper pace. Let faster groups play through.
  Use cart paths where provided.
  Never litter.
  Take care of your course and enjoy yourself!
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